Titleist TSR4 Driver Review

As an avid golfer and enthusiast who has tested a wide range of golf clubs and equipment over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand the evolution of golf technology. Titleist has consistently stood out for its commitment to quality and performance among the various brands and models I’ve encountered. In this review, I’ll dive deep into one of their latest offerings: the Titleist TSR4 Driver. Known for its innovative design and advanced features, the TSR4 aims to cater to golfers seeking precision, control, and distance off the tee. Throughout this review, I’ll share my insights on how the TSR4 performs, looks, and feels, providing a comprehensive overview for anyone considering adding this driver to their bag.

Overview of Titleist TSR4 Driver

Titleist TSR4 Driver

✔ Adjustability

✔ Forgiveness

✔ Center of Gravity (CG) Optimization

✔ Sound and Feel

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The Titleist TSR4 Driver is a testament to Titleist’s ongoing dedication to improving golfers’ performance through technology. This driver is designed to deliver a unique blend of low spin and high forgiveness, a combination that is highly sought after but hard to achieve. With its compact 460cc head, the TSR4 offers a classic look that appeals to golfers who favor a more traditional appearance at address.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Low Spin Technology: The TSR4 features advanced aerodynamics and a refined Radial VFT (Variable Face Thickness) design, significantly reducing spin rates for longer, straighter drives.
  • Adjustable Center of Gravity (CG): It comes with two adjustable weight ports that allow golfers to fine-tune the CG for optimal launch conditions, further enhancing the ability to control spin and trajectory.
  • Streamlined Shape: The aerodynamically efficient head shape reduces drag, enabling faster swing speeds and more distance.
  • SureFit Hosel: Titleist’s proprietary SureFit Hosel technology offers 16 independent loft and lie settings, providing an unmatched level of customization.

Product Specifications

  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Loft Options: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°
  • Shaft Options: Multiple premium options are available, including Tensei AV Blue, HZRDUS Smoke Black, and more.
  • Flex Options: Regular, Stiff, Extra-Stiff
  • Adjustability: SureFit Hosel with 16 settings; dual CG weight ports

Personal Experience with Titleist TSR4 Driver

After several weeks of testing the Titleist TSR4 Driver on various courses and range sessions, I’ve gathered substantial insights into its performance and how it impacts my game.

  • Performance: The TSR4’s low spin technology genuinely delivers on its promise. I observed a noticeable decrease in spin rates, translating into longer and more consistent drives.
  • Appearance: At address, the TSR4 exudes a classic yet powerful presence. Its design strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional, instilling confidence at the tee.
  • Sound and Feel: Striking the ball with the TSR4 produces a satisfying, muted sound that indicates solid contact. The feel is firm yet responsive, providing valuable feedback on each shot.
  • Forgiveness: Despite its low spin characteristics, the TSR4 does not compromise on forgiveness. Off-center hits still resulted in respectable distances and minimal dispersion.

In one instance, during a long par 5, the TSR4 helped me achieve one of my most extended drives, allowing me to reach the green in two shots—a feat I had struggled with previously. The ability to adjust the CG and fine-tune the loft and lie settings also proved invaluable in adapting to different course conditions and personal swing changes.

Review of the Titleist TSR4 Driver

The Titleist TSR4 Driver is a remarkable engineering achievement, blending low spin performance with high forgiveness in a sleek, confidence-inspiring package. Its adjustable features and premium shaft options cater to a wide range of player preferences, making it a versatile choice for serious golfers. The TSR4’s impact on my game was undeniable, offering tangible improvements in distance, accuracy, and overall consistency.

Who It's For Titleist TSR4 Driver

The TSR4 is ideally suited for golfers at all skill levels seeking to reduce the spin-off of the tee without sacrificing forgiveness. It’s particularly beneficial for players with higher swing speeds looking to optimize their launch conditions and maximize distance. However, its adjustability and wide range of shaft options make it accessible to mid-to-high handicappers aiming to improve their driving performance.

Potential Alternatives

While the TSR4 is an exceptional driver, other noteworthy alternatives are in the market. Models like the Callaway Epic Max and the TaylorMade SIM2 offer similar features in terms of adjustability and performance. However, the TSR4’s unique ability to combine low spin with high forgiveness sets it apart, making it a standout choice for players who fine-tune their driving game.


After thorough testing and analysis, my verdict on the Titleist TSR4 Driver is overwhelmingly positive. Its blend of low spin, high forgiveness, and adjustability offers a significant advantage on the course, contributing to longer, straighter drives and better scores. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to refine your game or a newcomer seeking a reliable, high-performance driver, the TSR4 is undoubtedly worth considering.

For those interested in experiencing the TSR4’s benefits firsthand, visit a local golf store for a fitting session or take advantage of Global Golf’s Utry trial program, which allows you to test drivers for 14 days. I use it myself and highly suggest it. Seeing how the club performs with your swing is the best way to understand its potential impact on your game.

Titleist TSR4 Driver

✔ Adjustability

✔ Forgiveness

✔ Center of Gravity (CG) Optimization

✔ Sound and Feel

New or Used are Available 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the TSR4 driver help improve my distance off the tee?

A: Yes, the TSR4 is designed to reduce spin and optimize launch conditions, which can increase distance for many golfers.

Q: Is the TSR4 driver suitable for high handicappers?

A: While the TSR4 is designed with low spin and high forgiveness in mind, high handicappers can still benefit from its features, especially if they struggle with excessive spin. However, its full benefits might be more pronounced for mid to low-handicappers.

Q: How does the TSR4 compare to its predecessors?

A: The TSR4 builds upon the successes of its predecessors by offering improved aerodynamics, lower spin rates, and enhanced adjustability, making it one of the most advanced drivers in the Titleist lineup.

Q: What is the significance of the adjustable CG weight ports?

A: The adjustable CG weight ports allow golfers to shift the center of gravity to fine-tune the ball’s flight and spin characteristics. This customization level helps achieve the desired launch conditions for maximum performance.

Q: Can I get fitted for the TSR4 driver?

A: Getting fitted for the TSR4 (or any driver) is highly recommended. A professional fitting session can help determine your swing’s optimal shaft, loft, and settings, ensuring you get the most out of the club.

Q: How do I know which shaft to choose for the TSR4?

A: The choice of shaft depends on your swing speed, style, and preference. During a fitting session, you can test various shaft options to see which one offers the best performance in terms of distance, accuracy, and feel

Matt Thompson

I’m an avid golfer with 25 years of experience under my belt, currently playing at an 7ish handicap, though I’m on a dedicated journey to reach a 3—having once achieved a 5. My passion extends beyond the course, as I’ve been rigorously testing golf clubs and equipment since 2017, always on the lookout for what can improve my game and potentially benefit fellow golfers in their quest for better play.