Taylormade P790 Irons Vs Titleist T200 Irons

You’re torn between the Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 irons, right? Both are top-notch, but which one’s for you?

We’ve tested them, analyzing their looks, feel, and performance. Let’s investigate this comparison and find the right fit for your golf game.

It’s time to settle this debate.

Titleist T200 Vs. Taylormade P790

Now, let’s turn your attention to the comparison of the Titleist T200 and Taylormade P790 irons.

You’ll observe how both models perform on the golf course, focusing on their unique design features and the impact on your shots.

As we examine these irons, consider your golfing style, as this will heavily influence which model is better for you.

Overview Of Titleist T200 Golf Iron

Titleist T200II Iron Set

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As you delve into the specifics of the Titleist T200 golf iron, you’ll find it’s a player’s iron that boasts a classic look and advanced technologies, setting it apart in the player’s distance iron category.

This iron utilizes Max Impact technology for increased ball speed and carry distance, providing an edge in your game. Its L-shaped, forged face incorporates an impressive 90g of tungsten in the heel and toe, delivering a soft feel and increased forgiveness for those imperfect shots.

The T200 isn’t just about power and forgiveness, though. It’s also built to last, featuring multi-material construction for enhanced durability.

This combination of advanced technology, classic design, and robust construction makes the Titleist T200 an excellent choice for players seeking to improve their game.

 Overview Of Taylormade P790 Golf Iron

TaylorMade P790 Iron Set Golf Clubs

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Diving into the specifics of the Taylormade P790 golf iron, you’ll find it’s a forged iron that’s particularly popular among mid to low-handicap golfers.

The iron features Thru Slot speed pocket technology, which enhances flex and forgiveness at impact.

The tungsten weighting in the head produces a low center of gravity, ensuring an easy launch.

The forged face of this iron isn’t just for show; it’s filled with a urethane foam that promotes greater distance and increases the iron’s forgiveness.

This technology also gives the P790 a consistent feel and sound, making your time on the course a more enjoyable experience.

In essence, the Taylormade P790 golf iron is a standout regarding distance, forgiveness, and overall performance.

The Differences Between A Titleist T200 And A Taylormade P790 Golf Irons

You’re likely wondering what sets the Titleist T200 and Taylormade P790 irons apart.

In exploring their differences, we’ll focus on technology, clubface design, feel and sound, price, and loft.

This analysis will give you a clearer understanding of which iron might better suit your golfing needs.


Let’s delve into the critical technological differences that set Taylormade’s P790 irons apart from the Titleist T200 irons.

Both models feature advanced technology, like tungsten weighting and forged technology, aimed to deliver superior performance.

The P790, however, has an edge with its speed foam technology – a feature absent in the T200. This speed foam is injected into the hollow clubhead, enhancing the feel and sound at impact and allowing for higher ball speeds and greater distance.

On the other hand, the T200, while lacking the speed foam, still delivers a high-quality performance. It’s all about your preference.

If you’re after a softer feel and increased ball speed, go for P790. If you prefer a traditional approach without speed foam, T200 might be your pick.

 Clubface Design

Building on the technological differences, delving into the clubface design variations between Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 irons is crucial.

The P790’s hollow construction, filled with speed foam, maximizes carry distance and minimizes mishits, giving you a more forgiving and consistent experience.

Contrarily, the T200 irons feature a shallower clubface, making off-center shots more playable and enhancing forgiveness. This design difference is a core factor in shaping each iron’s performance and feel.

While both irons aim to optimize your game, your choice may depend on your preferred clubface design. If you prioritize maximum carry distance and reduced mishits, the P790 might be your best bet.

However, if you favor off-center shot forgiveness, consider the T200.

 Feel And Sound

Continuing from the clubface design, another key distinction between the Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 irons lies in the feel and sound they produce upon impact.

  1. The Taylormade P790 irons, filled with Speedfoam, provide a significantly softer feel and sound. This material lightens the iron and increases the ball’s speed and carry distance.

  2. The Titleist T200 irons, on the other hand, don’t use this technology. As a result, they produce a firmer feel and louder sound upon striking the ball.

Therefore, the Taylormade P790 irons would be the better choice if you prefer a softer touch and muted sound. Conversely, if you like a firmer strike with more audible feedback, the Titleist T200 irons may suit your game better.


When investing in a new set of irons, you’ll find that the Taylormade P790 irons are generally priced higher than the Titleist T200 irons. This price difference reflects the design and technology incorporated into each model.

The P790s feature speed foam technology and hollow construction for a softer feel and sound, while the T200s have a shallower clubface but lack the speed foam. You’ll also find more loft options with the P790s.

However, remember that the best choice depends on price and your personal playing style and preferences. If you prioritize a softer feel and higher trajectory, the P790s may be worth the extra cost. On the other hand, if you’re looking for game improvement and prefer a firmer impact, the T200s could be your ideal set.


In comparing the loft options of your Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 irons, you’ll notice significant differences that can impact your game. The loft of an iron directly influences the trajectory and distance of your shots, making it an essential factor to consider.

Here are the key differences:

  1. Taylormade P790 has a 3-iron loft of 19.0 degrees, which isn’t available in the Titleist T200 series.

  2. The 7-iron in both series has a similar loft, but the P790 4-iron is one degree less lofted than the T200s.

  3. The pitching wedge (PW) in the P790 series has a loft of 45.0 degrees, two degrees higher than the T200’s.

Understanding these distinctions will help you select the best irons that fit your game.

Who Are The Taylormade P790 Irons For?

Aiming for a blend of feel and distance in your golf game, the Taylormade P790 irons are tailor-made for better players and certain mid-handicappers who love to work the ball. These irons are designed for optimum performance, balancing control and power perfectly.

The P790 irons aren’t just about distance but also offer impressive accuracy. With a score of 95/100, you can be confident that your shots will find their mark more often than not. Regarding forgiveness, these irons score a respectable 89/100, providing a certain level of leeway for off-center hits.

But where these irons genuinely shine is in their feel and control. Scoring an impressive 96/100, the P790 irons provide a superior level of feedback and a soft yet solid feel at impact. This allows you to manipulate your shots better and control the ball trajectory, perfect for those tricky approach shots to the green.

However, it’s worth noting that these irons may not be the best fit for beginners. They require a certain skill level and understanding of the game to harness their potential. If you’re starting, a game improvement iron might better match your needs.

For more advanced players or mid-handicappers aspiring to lower their scores, the P790 irons present a valuable tool to take your game to the next level. With their superior feel, accuracy, and respectable forgiveness, they’re well worth considering in your quest for golfing excellence.

Who Are The Titleist T200 Irons For?

If you’re an advanced golfer with a low handicap, the Titleist T200 irons could be just what you’re looking for. The T200s are part of Titleist’s T series and are explicitly designed to cater to players of varying skill levels. With a focus on delivering high performance for low-handicap players, the T200s stand out for their exceptional feel, high spin rates, and accuracy.

Let’s delve into the key attributes of the T200 irons that make them suitable for advanced golfers:

  1. Feel and Control: The T200s score a high 96/100 on feel and control. This is crucial for low handicappers who prioritize the feel of the club and the ability to control the ball’s trajectory.

  2. Accuracy: The T200s shine in this aspect, scoring an impressive 96/100. If you’re the type who likes to shape your shots and place them with precision, these irons are tailor-made for you.

  3. Distance and Forgiveness: While these irons aren’t the most forgiving, they still score a respectable 88/100. They also deliver on distance, with a score of 92/100.

Selling Points

When comparing the Taylormade P790 to the Titleist T200 irons, it’s crucial to consider their unique selling points.

The P790 irons stand out because of their hollow forged head construction filled with speed foam for a softer feel and increased forgiveness.

On the other hand, the T200 irons appeal to advanced players due to their compact heads, thin top line, and an L-shaped forged face insert for high ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot.

 P790 Irons

You’ll appreciate the Taylormade P790 Irons for their selling points, which include two tungsten weights for a low center of gravity, a co-molded cavity badge for no vibrations, a forgiving and consistent flexible hinge, variable face thickness, and a generous loft in the clubs.

These irons are engineered to provide the optimal balance of performance, control, and aesthetic appeal.

Let’s consider three key selling points:

  1. Two Tungsten Weights: This design feature ensures a low center of gravity, enhancing stability and increasing the potential for more accurate shots.

  2. Co-molded Cavity Badge: This badge eliminates vibrations, providing a cleaner contact and better feel at impact.

  3. Flexible Hinge and Variable Face Thickness: These aspects improve forgiveness, ensuring your off-center hits still find the target and achieve a decent distance.

With these features, P790 irons deliver performance that matches their sleek appearance.

 Titleist T200 Irons

For anyone seeking tour-grade irons with a compact head and thin top line, the Titleist T200 Irons are worth your attention. They offer a fantastic feel from the forged face insert, making them a go-to choice for low handicappers. The T200 Irons are renowned for their tight shot dispersion, helping you to consistently hit your target with precision.

One of the standout selling points of the T200 Irons is the wide selection of premium shafts on offer. This lets you customize your clubs to perfectly match your swing and game style. Furthermore, these irons are designed to produce high-arcing shots, providing the ideal trajectory for maximum distance and impeccable control.

Choose the Titleist T200 Irons for an elevated golfing experience.

Titleist T200 Or TaylorMade P790: Which Golf Iron To Choose?

So, you’re torn between the Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 golf irons?

Both are top contenders in the player’s distance iron category, with unique strengths.

Let’s objectively dissect their features to help you make an informed decision.

 Choose the Taylormade P790 if

If you aim to maximize every yard, favor a softer feel, and appreciate a soft brushed finish, the Taylormade P790 is the iron for you.

Here are three reasons why you should choose the Taylormade P790:

  1. Distance: The P790’s Speedfoam Air and tungsten weighting allow you to hit farther, making it perfect for those who aim for maximum yardage.

  2. Feel: With its completely hollow construction, the P790 provides a denser, subtle impact akin to a forged club, ideal if you prefer a softer feel.

  3. Look: The P790 features a light brushed satin finish that offers a sophisticated aesthetic, a big plus if you’re a fan of a soft brushed finish.

 Choose the Titleist T200 if

You’ll want to choose the Titleist T200 if you’re drawn to a refined-looking head, prefer a firmer impact feel, and appreciate traditional chrome finishes. The T200’s design, with its sleeker top line and shiny mirrored finish, caters to golfers aiming for a more traditional aesthetic.

This iron provides firm, responsive feedback upon impact, enhancing your perception of your swing’s effectiveness. Compare this to the P790’s softer, more muted feel, and you can appreciate the significant difference.

The T200’s scoring capabilities shouldn’t be overlooked either. With consistently high accuracy scores, this iron can help you keep the ball online.


In wrapping up, the Taylormade P790 and Titleist T200 irons have unique strengths.

The P790’s are fantastic for those seeking a soft feel and added yardage.

On the other hand, the T200’s are perfect for players who love traditional looks and control.

Don’t be in a dilemma about which bat to buy. My recommendation is to take advantage of Global Golf’s Utry trial program, which allows you to test an iron before you decide which one to buy.

Your choice should hinge on what you prioritize in your game.

TaylorMade P790 Iron Set Golf Clubs

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