Srixon ZX7 Irons Vs ZX5 Irons

You’re about to unravel the mystery of Srixon’s ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

You’ll dive into their unique features, comparing their performance and discovering why they’re favored by golfers worldwide.

Whether an experienced player or a newbie, you’ll gain valuable insights into these irons’ intricacies.

So, buckle up and get ready to delve into the world of Srixon’s ZX5 and ZX7 irons and see how they can take your game to the next level.

Srixon ZX5 vs ZX7 irons Overview

In comparing the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons, it’s vital to acknowledge their unique features and how they contribute to performance on the green.

You’ll find that the ZX5 irons offer a forgiving profile, optimal for high flight and mis-hit performance.

Conversely, the ZX7 irons are designed for ball flight control and workability, appealing to strong ball strikers and more skilled players.

Srixon Golf- ZX7 Iron

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 Srixon ZX5 Iron Set

Let’s turn our attention to the Srixon ZX5 Iron Set.

This set is striking for its blend of high ball speed and forged feel, a unique combination of forgiveness and performance.

We will compare these qualities with the ZX7 set, focusing on their specifications, design features, and overall playability.

 ZX5 Iron Specifications

Diving into the specifications of the Srixon ZX5 Iron Set, you’ll notice that these irons have unique features to enhance your golfing performance.

They provide a higher flight and impressive mis-hit performance with a reasonably squared-off topline.

The consistent ball flight and carry distance, paired with their Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts, make them a superior choice for your game.

Srixon Golf- ZX5 Irons

✔ Forgiveness and Playability

✔ Distance Control

✔ Feel and Sound

✔ Customization Options

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Srixon ZX7 Irons – (Steel)

Let’s turn our attention to the Srixon ZX7 irons. These steel irons are designed with a compact blade shape and slim topline, aiming to give you better control without sacrificing ball speed.

We’ll examine their key features and how they stack against the ZX5 irons regarding performance, feel, and aesthetics.

 ZX7 Iron Specifications

In terms of specifications for the Srixon ZX7 Irons, you’ll find they’re outfitted with Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts and feature a compact blade shape, slim topline, and a narrow sole.

1. Compact Blade Shape: Enhances control and precision.
2. Slim Topline: Delivers a classic look and feel.
3. Narrow Sole: Offers improved turf interaction.
4. Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff Shafts: They provide a stable, consistent feel.

Srixon ZX5 vs. ZX7 Comparison

Let’s compare the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons on a few key points:

  • Distance: Both the ZX5 and ZX7 irons are designed to provide impressive distance. The ZX5 irons feature a high-strength steel face insert, which enhances ball speed and distance. The ZX7 irons, on the other hand, have a compact construction that allows for excellent energy transfer, resulting in solid distance as well.

  • Forgiveness: The ZX5 irons have the edge when it comes to forgiveness. They feature a hollow cavity design with a more prominent sweet spot, providing more forgiveness on off-center hits. The ZX7 irons, while still offering some forgiveness, are more focused on shot shaping and workability.

  • Feel: In terms of feel, the ZX7 irons excel. They have a forged construction that offers a soft and buttery feel at impact. The ZX5 irons, while not as soft as the ZX7, still provide a satisfying feel that most golfers would enjoy.

  • Looks: Both the ZX5 and ZX7 irons have a sleek and modern appearance that will appeal to golfers. The ZX5 irons have a slightly larger profile, while the ZX7 irons have a more compact shape, preferred by better players. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference in terms of looks.

  • Pricing: Price-wise, the ZX5 irons are generally more affordable than the ZX7 irons. This price difference is primarily due to the ZX7 irons being designed for more skilled players who value shot-shaping capabilities.

Analyzing these differences will help you decide which iron is best for your golf game. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences – whether you prioritize forgiveness, feel, or shot-shaping ability.


When comparing the distance capabilities of the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons, you’ll find that both sets offer fair distance, but it’s the ZX5 that tends to deliver a bit longer shots due to its loft. However, if pure distance is your aim, neither ZX5 nor ZX7 will be the top contenders.

  1. ZX5: The loft of the ZX5 contributes to its capability of delivering longer shots.

  2. ZX7: ZX7 focuses more on precision and feel over distance.

  3. Ball Speed: ZX5 and ZX7 don’t fall short compared to other lines like TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist.

  4. Technology: The technology in the clubface of both sets is designed to combine feel and precision with ball speed, enhancing the overall distance.


You’ll find that the forgiveness factor plays a significant role in your choice between the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

Although both offer an impressive level of forgiveness, the ZX5 irons are a step ahead with their cavity-back design. They allow you to slightly miss the center of the face without sacrificing performance, making them ideal if consistency is your goal.

On the other hand, the ZX7 irons lean towards workability. They allow for a high draw or a low fade but require a more precise swing. While they’re more forgiving than the Z Forged model, they demand more from you as a player.

Therefore, your choice will likely depend on your skill level and what you prioritize in your game.


Now that we’ve compared the forgiveness factor of these two iron sets let’s delve into the feel of the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

  1. The ZX7, with its single-piece forging, has an impressive feel, providing feedback that can help refine your swing.

  2. The ZX5, while not quite matching the ZX7 in feel, is certainly not lacking. Its feel is still top-notch and a little more forgiving, making it a good choice if you’re working through swing adjustments or play less frequently.

  3. The ZX7 is the winner in a superior feel, yet the ZX5 holds its own, providing a sumptuous feel that’s slightly less refined.

  4. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to your personal preferences and skill level, with the ZX7 being favored by better ball strikers.


Building on the feel of these irons, let’s dive into how the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 compare in terms of their aesthetic appeal.

Both models boast a clean, refined look, but subtle differences exist. The ZX5, with its slightly longer blade length and more oversized sole, looks a touch bulkier, particularly in the long irons.

The offset is noticeable but not excessive, making it a comfortable transition if you’re moving from a game improvement set. The ZX7, on the other hand, offers a cleaner, more streamlined appearance, appealing to those with a discerning eye.

Consider a combo set if you’re after a blend of aesthetics and performance. This pairs the ZX7’s sleek looks in the short irons with the ZX5’s forgiving nature in the long irons.


Having considered the aesthetics of both models, let’s delve into the pricing for the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons, which, as you may appreciate, are identical for both sets. These irons offer value for their top-notch performance and technology at $245.95 for the graphite shaft and $214.95 for the steel shaft per iron.

Now, let’s examine four critical factors that justify this pricing:

  1. Both sets have high-quality Nippon Modus Tour shafts, providing excellent accuracy and control.

  2. The sophisticated design and manufacturing process enhances ball speed and hitting consistency.

  3. Both models feature a MainFrame face design and Tour V.T. Sole for improved overall performance.

  4. The irons are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel for superior feel and control.

The ZX5 and ZX7 offer ample value for their price.

Selling Points

Let’s discuss the selling points of the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

You’ll find that each model boasts unique features designed to enhance your game on the course.

We’ll thoroughly explore what sets these two models apart from construction and design to performance capabilities.

Srixon ZX5 Irons Selling Points

While considering the Srixon ZX5 irons, it’s important to note their key selling points, such as the multi-material construction and the tungsten toe weights in the long irons. These attributes enhance both the performance and the appeal of these irons.

  1. Multi-material construction: This provides a soft yet responsive feel at impact, giving you greater control over your shot.

  2. Tungsten toe weights in long irons: These weights increase the stability and forgiveness of the irons, ensuring your shots fly true even on off-center hits.

  3. V-shaped sole: This feature reduces turf interaction, allowing for a cleaner and more efficient strike.

  4. Narrower, deeper face grooves in scoring irons: This design improves spin control, giving you greater precision in your short game.

These features collectively enhance the overall performance of the ZX5 irons, making them a strong contender in their category.

Srixon ZX7 Irons Selling Points

When it comes to the unique selling points of the Srixon ZX7 irons, you’ll appreciate their multi-forged construction and the V-shaped sole, among other features.

The multi-forged construction enhances workability and forgiveness, which is perfect for those tricky shots.

Conversely, the V-shaped sole aids in turf interaction, providing a smoother strike and follow-through.

Despite their blade appearance, these irons offer the performance of a cavity back iron, ensuring you don’t compromise control.

The 8-iron to-pitching wedge has sharper, narrower, and deeper grooves for increased spin and stopping power.

For the 3-iron to 7-iron, there’s tungsten in the toe, which helps increase the moment of inertia, offering stability and a soft feel.

These features make the ZX7 irons a great asset in any golfer’s bag.

Who Are The Srixon ZX5 Irons For?

If you’re a mid-handicapper, the Srixon ZX5 irons could be an ideal fit for your golfing needs. These irons offer a balance of workability and forgiveness that can significantly improve your game on the fairway. The long and short irons provide ample stopping power, making them ideal for mid-handicappers. While the longer irons do sacrifice a bit of spin control, the distance and forgiveness they offer more than make up for this.

  1. Long Blades and Thick Soles: The ZX5s are designed with longer blades and thicker soles, making them more forgiving than the ZX7 irons. This feature particularly appeals to mid-handicappers who need more assistance on the course.

  2. Moderate Workability: The ZX5s offer moderate workability, perfect for players just learning to manipulate the ball’s trajectory on the fairway.

  3. Stopping Power: Both the long and short irons in the ZX5 range have enough stopping power to suit mid-handsappers. This means you can trust these clubs to help you accurately stop the ball on the green.

  4. Forgiveness: Lastly, the ZX5s are known for their forgiving nature, making them a good choice for mid-handicappers who need a bit of a safety net on the course.

Who Are The Srixon ZX7 Irons For?

Typically, the Srixon ZX7 irons are exceptionally well-suited for low-handicap golfers due to their outstanding control and workability. These irons are designed for golfers who prioritize precision and are confident in their striking ability. They offer a sleek, compact blade shape with a slim topline and narrow sole, which may be intimidating for high-handicap players but rewarding for those who can handle them.

While the ZX7 irons offer less forgiveness than their ZX5 counterparts, they deliver a pure, responsive feel off the clubface. This is mainly due to their forged construction from soft 1020 carbon steel. If you appreciate a clean and simple aesthetic with an understated design emphasizing performance, the ZX7 could be an excellent match for your game.

Moreover, the ZX7 irons are fitted with Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts, catering to players with faster swing speeds. The tour cavity design and tungsten weighting in the toe also contribute to the irons’ stability and soft feel.

The versatility of the Srixon ZX range allows you to mix and match models so that you can pair ZX7 short irons with ZX5 long irons for a more forgiving setup. However, if you’re a strong ball-striker seeking a true player’s cavity iron with superb workability and consistency, the Srixon ZX7 irons are designed with you in mind.

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Let’s scrutinize the facts and figures behind the Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 irons.

You need to understand their suitability for different types of golfers, the options available for left-handed players, and what Srixon itself has to say about these irons.

This analysis will clearly compare their design, performance, and intended audience.


Regardless of skill level, nearly all golfers can find a suitable match in the Srixon ZX iron range. The ZX5 irons provide a unique blend of forged feel and forgiveness, while the ZX7 irons are designed specifically for strong ball strikers and better players.

Here are some key distinctions:

  1. The ZX5 irons are perfect if you’re seeking a balance between control and forgiveness. They’re fitted with Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts, offering a higher flight and impressive mis-hit performance. They also have a reasonably squared-off topline.

  2. On the other hand, the ZX7 irons are for golfers who prioritize precision. They have a compact blade shape and are fitted with Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts, which provide improved control.

  3. Both sets feature the Tour V.T. Sole for smooth turf interaction and progressive grooves for improved consistency.

  4. Additionally, both models are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel, delivering a soft feel on every strike.

Consider these details when choosing your perfect iron.


Choosing your perfect Srixon ZX iron doesn’t have to be limited by your dominant hand, as both the ZX5 and ZX7 models are readily available in left-handed versions. Left-handed golfers can rejoice that these irons will cater to their specific needs, offering the same impeccable design and performance as their right-handed counterparts.

The ZX5 model, renowned for its forgiveness and higher ball flight, or the ZX7, prized for its ball flight control and compact blade shape, await left-handed golfers. They’re fitted with Nippon Modus Tour shafts and offer consistent ball flight and carry distance. Priced equally, left-handers won’t face a premium for their preference.


As you delve into the specifics of what Srixon has to say about their ZX irons, you’ll find many facts and figures that underline their commitment to innovation and performance.

Srixon states that the ZX7 irons, fitted with Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts, provide an outstanding feel off the face and an improved appearance. Thanks to their compact blade shape, slim topline, and narrow sole, they’re designed for control and workability.

On the other hand, the ZX5 irons, fitted with Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts, offer a higher flight and impressive mis-hit performance.

  1. The ZX7 irons are priced at $245.95 (graphite) and $214.95 (steel) per iron.
  2. The ZX5 irons are priced the same as their ZX7 counterparts.
  3. Srixon’s Irons claimed multiple majors in 2019.
  4. Both models are offered in right and left-handed versions.

Srixon’s ZX irons are a testament to the brand’s continued dedication to delivering top-notch performance.


In conclusion, the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons offer unique features tailored to different player needs.

The ZX5 is perfect for golfers seeking forgiveness and versatility. It provides a more prominent sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits, which can benefit players still working on consistency. The ZX5 also offers versatility in shot shaping and trajectory control, allowing golfers to adjust their shots to fit different course conditions.

On the other hand, the ZX7 caters to those craving superior control and workability. It is designed for golfers who consistently swing and want maximum control over their shots. The ZX7 offers a more compact head design, allowing better-shot shaping and workability. It also provides excellent feedback and feel, giving skilled players the confidence to execute precise shots.

With this knowledge, you’re better equipped to choose the iron that suits your playing style. Consider your skill level, swing consistency, and specific needs on the course.

I recommend that you test drive both iron models before purchasing, either at your local golf shop or by taking advantage of Global Golf’s free trial program. It’s a great way to find the iron that works best for you.

Remember, the suitable iron can significantly enhance your game, so choose wisely.

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