Cobra AeroJet LS Driver Golf Clubs Review

As an avid golfer who spends considerable time on the course and at the range testing various golf clubs and equipment, I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver recently. My passion for the game and experience with a wide range of golf gear has equipped me with a keen eye for detail, especially when discerning the subtle differences between club performances, designs, and their impacts on my game. The Cobra AeroJet LS Driver, with its cutting-edge technology and design, offers an intriguing combination of aesthetics and performance that demands a thorough review.

The Aerojet LS (Low Spin) Driver is Cobra’s latest innovation, targeting golfers seeking to reduce spin and maximize distance off the tee. At first glance, the club impresses with its sleek, aerodynamic design and the promise of advanced technology to enhance player performance regardless of skill level. In this review, I will dive deep into the product’s unique features, personal experience with the club, and how it compares to alternatives on the market.

Overview of Cobra AeroJet LS Driver

Cobra AeroJet LS Driver Golf Clubs

✔ Aerodynamic Design

✔ Carbon Fiber Construction

✔ Forgiveness and MOI

✔ Sound and Feel

New or Used are Available 

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The Cobra AeroJet LS Driver is designed with precision and performance, catering to players who desire a combination of low spin and high forgiveness. The club features a 460cc head engineered to optimize aerodynamic efficiency, reducing drag and increasing clubhead speed for maximum distance. The LS model, in particular, focuses on lowering spin, achieved through a combination of advanced technologies and design elements.

Key features include:

  • PWR-COR Technology: A weighting system that positions mass low and forward to reduce spin and increase ball speed.
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face: Expands the sweet spot for higher forgiveness on off-center hits, ensuring consistent performance across the face.
  • Aerodynamic Shape: The clubhead’s refined shape reduces aerodynamic drag, enabling faster swing speeds.
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve: Allows to customize loft and lie settings to fit individual swing characteristics and preferences.
  • Carbon Fiber Crown: Reduces weight at the top of the clubhead, allowing for the repositioning of mass to optimize performance.

Specifications of the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver include:

  • Loft Options: 9°, 10.5° (adjustable up or down by 1.5°)
  • Shaft Options: Multiple premium shafts are available to suit different swing speeds and preferences.
  • Flex Options: Available in Stiff, Regular, and Extra-Stiff to accommodate various swing speeds.
  • Grip: Comes with a high-quality, standard-sized grip for comfort and control.

Personal Experience with Cobra AeroJet LS Driver

Testing the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver was an enlightening experience that allowed me to explore its capabilities in real-world conditions. My review focuses on several key aspects:

  • Performance: The driver delivered on its promise of low spin and impressive distance. I noticed a significant reduction in spin rates compared to my previous driver, which resulted in longer, more penetrating ball flights.
  • Appearance: The Aerojet LS’s sleek design and modern aesthetic are visually appealing. The club looks as powerful as it performs, with a confidence-inspiring appearance at address.
  • Sound and Feel: The driver produces a satisfying sound at impact, neither too loud nor too muted. The feel is solid, providing feedback that is both responsive and reassuring.
  • Forgiveness: Despite its low-spin design, the AeroJet LS offers a surprising level of forgiveness. Off-center hits still managed to travel a respectable distance, maintaining relatively straight flight paths.
  • Ball Flight and Distance: The combination of low spin and high launch resulted in impressive distances off the tee. The adjustable loft sleeve allowed me to fine-tune the launch conditions to maximize performance.

In terms of personal experience, the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver has made a noticeable difference in my game, offering a blend of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness that has positively impacted my confidence off the tee.

Review of the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver

The Cobra AeroJet LS Driver is a top-performing driver that delivers on its promises. The advanced technology and engineering behind this club have resulted in a product that offers a tangible improvement in driving performance for golfers looking to reduce spin and maximize distance. The driver’s low spin, high forgiveness, and adjustability make it a versatile option for many players.


Who It's For Cobra AeroJet LS Driver

The Cobra AeroJet LS Driver is ideally suited for golfers seeking to improve their driving performance through reduced spin and increased distance. It is particularly beneficial for players with moderate to high swing speeds who struggle with excessive spin rates off the tee. From intermediate to advanced, golfers of all skill levels will find value in the Aerojet LS’s performance characteristics.

Potential Alternatives

While the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver is a standout product, several notable alternatives exist, such as the TaylorMade Stealth Driver and the Callaway Rogue ST Max. Each driver offers unique features to optimize performance, including aerodynamic designs and advanced materials. However, the Aerojet LS’s focus on reducing spin and maximizing distance sets it apart for golfers with those specific needs.


After thorough testing and evaluation, I can confidently recommend the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver to golfers looking to enhance their driving game. Its blend of low spin, distance, forgiveness, and adjustability makes it a compelling choice for players of various skill levels. Before making a purchase, I encourage golfers to test the Aerojet LS and compare it to other drivers on the market to find the best fit for their game. Visiting a local golf store for a fitting session or take advantage of Global Golf’s Utry trial program, which allows you to test drivers for 14 days. I use it myself and highly suggest it. It can also provide valuable insights into the optimal configuration for your swing.

The Cobra AeroJet LS Driver has undoubtedly earned its place in my bag, and it has the potential to significantly impact the performance of many golfers looking for lower spin and greater distance off the tee.

Cobra AeroJet LS Driver Golf Clubs

✔ Aerodynamic Design

✔ Carbon Fiber Construction

✔ Forgiveness and MOI

✔ Sound and Feel

New or Used are Available 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver suitable for beginners?

A: While beginners can use the Aerojet LS, it’s primarily designed for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds, which can take advantage of its low spin characteristics. Beginners benefit more from a driver focused on maximum forgiveness and higher launch.

Q: Can I adjust the weight and the loft?

A: The Aerojet LS features an adjustable loft sleeve, but the weight configuration, particularly the PWR-COR technology, is fixed to optimize low spin and high speed and does not offer user-adjustable weights.

Q: How does the AeroJet LS compare to its competitors in terms of distance?

A: The Aerojet LS Driver is engineered for maximum distance through its low spin and high-speed design combination. It compares favorably to competitors, especially for players looking to reduce spin-off the tee.

Q: What shaft options are available for the AeroJet LS?

A: Cobra offers premium shaft options for the Aerojet LS, catering to different swing speeds and preferences. To match their game, golfers can choose from various flex options, including Stiff, Regular, and Extra-Stiff.

Q: How does the AeroJet LS perform in windy conditions?

A: The Aerojet LS’s low spin characteristics can be particularly advantageous in windy conditions. The reduced spin can lead to more stable and penetrating ball flights, minimizing the wind’s impact on the drive’s trajectory.

Q: Is the AeroJet LS driver legal for tournament play?

A: Yes, the Cobra AeroJet LS Driver meets the USGA and R&A standards for golf equipment and is legal for use in tournament play, provided it conforms to the rules of golf regarding clubs.

Matt Thompson

I’m an avid golfer with 25 years of experience under my belt, currently playing at an 7ish handicap, though I’m on a dedicated journey to reach a 3—having once achieved a 5. My passion extends beyond the course, as I’ve been rigorously testing golf clubs and equipment since 2017, always on the lookout for what can improve my game and potentially benefit fellow golfers in their quest for better play.