Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Review

You’re searching for the perfect golf irons and stumbled upon the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons. You’re not just looking for hype, you’re after real results.

In this review, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty details of these irons, from their standout features to their on-course performance.

Whether you’re a mid-handicapper or a newbie, stick around. You’re about to find out why these irons might be your game-changer.

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons

Cleveland Launcher XL Iron Set Golf Clubs

✔  High Launch and Forgiveness

✔  Action Mass CB

✔  Face Cup Technology

✔  Feel Balancing Technology

New or Used Available 

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If you’re looking for a blend of distance and precision in your game, the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons might just be your perfect match. With a hollow body and cavity back design, these irons are created to maximize your long shots and dial in your short ones. Cleveland’s aim with this series isn’t just to improve your game but to inject more fun into your rounds.

The Launcher XL Irons aren’t just Cleveland’s entry into the affordable iron space, but also their most forgiving yet, boasting an MOI of 3,081 g-cm² in the 7-iron. This forgiveness comes in handy for all those imperfect strikes, ensuring you still get a decent result.

One of the distinctive features of these irons is their length from heel to toe. It’s longer than most irons on the market, which mightn’t appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences. However, this feature can provide reassurance that you have more clubface to work with. The unique shape cut into the toe might seem unusual, but it’s worth noting that the overall look of the iron is quite appealing.

Another plus is that the loft of each iron is etched into the sole, eliminating any guesswork. These details, coupled with the performance benefits, make the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons a strong contender if you’re in the market for game improvement irons. They offer a fantastic blend of distance, precision, and forgiveness, all while staying wallet-friendly.

Cleveland Golf Launcher XL irons: Key Technologies

Let’s explore the key technologies of the Cleveland Golf Launcher XL irons.

  • The XL Head Design for enhanced forgiveness.
  • The Mainframe boosts ball speed.
  • The Action Mass CB for improved balance and control.

Don’t overlook the additional features:

  • The V-shaped sole for better turf interaction.
  • The Loft Specific Grooves for optimal spin.

XL Head Design

The Launcher XL irons boast an XL Head Design, a critical technology that enhances distance and fun in your golf game. This design houses the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) ever in a Cleveland game-improvement iron, particularly 3,081 g-cm2 in the 7-Iron.

Let’s dissect this innovative design:

  • Massive head size: Provides a larger hitting area and instills confidence at the address.
  • High MOI: Ensures incredible stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Increased loft: Helps you achieve higher and farther ball flights.
  • Streamlined shaping: Enhances aerodynamics for faster clubhead speed.
  • Optimal weight distribution: Promotes a lower center of gravity for easy launch.


After grasping the XL Head Design, it’s crucial to understand another significant feature in the Launcher XL irons – the MainFrame technology. Developed using artificial intelligence, this technology is vital in delivering increased ball speed, thus maximizing your distance on the golf course.

The MainFrame face comprises a unique pattern of variable thickness that enhances the flexibility where you need it. Additionally, strategically placed weight pads across the face ensure maximum forgiveness, even on off-center hits. So, even if you don’t hit the ball perfectly every time, the MainFrame technology helps ensure your shots go far and straight.

The MainFrame technology gives you the edge you need in your game.

Action Mass CB

Moving on from the MainFrame technology, the Action Mass CB is another critical feature to consider in the Launcher XL irons. This technology is about balance and control, with an 8g weight strategically placed inside the grip. This weight distribution ensures that you don’t exert extra effort for control, making your swing more efficient.

When you interact with these irons, you’ll notice that the Action Mass CB technology:

  • Enhances balance and control
  • Reduces the need for extra effort
  • Improves swing efficiency
  • Allows for better shot consistency
  • Offers a smoother swing experience

This technology, combined with the other critical features of the Launcher XL irons, aims to help elevate your game and hit those greens more accurately.

V-Shaped Sole

In the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons, you’ll find a V-shaped sole designed to enhance your swing performance. This unique sole design, marked by an elevated leading edge, significantly reduces turf drag compared to the standard flat soles in many irons.

The result? You maintain more speed and power even on heavy strikes. This key technology provides a smoother interaction between the club and the ground, ensuring your swing’s momentum isn’t hindered by the turf.

The V-shaped sole’s ability to glide effortlessly through the turf makes it a valuable feature for any golfer, especially those who often find themselves in rough conditions. It’s just one more way the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons work to improve your game.

Loft Specific Grooves

You’ll find that each of the Cleveland Launcher XL irons features loft-specific grooves, a key technology designed to optimize spin and control. This clever design varies depending on the iron’s loft.

In the 4i-7i lofts, you’ll notice wider, flatter grooves. They help maximize distance and accuracy.

The 8i-DW lofts, on the other hand, have closely spaced, deeper, and higher spinning Wedge grooves, which are perfect for more precise, short-range shots.

Higher lofts also feature laser-milled grooves. These grooves boost friction, promoting even more control and spin.

This unique, loft-specific groove system ensures that each iron in your bag is perfectly optimized for its intended use.

All these features work together to give you more control over your shots, enhancing your overall game.

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Looks

How do the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons look when you’re up close and personal with them? At first glance, they straddle the line between game and super game improvement categories. Boasting a relatively thick top line and generous offset, these irons are designed to give golfers confidence at the address.

The ‘XL’ in the name is a nod to the longer-than-average blade length. This might seem intimidating to some, but it allows for a more prominent sweet spot and forgiveness on off-center hits.

In your bag, the Launcher XLs blend matte silver, chrome, and black hues, highlighted with a splash of refreshing blue. While the design might seem a little busy, it’s typical of game improvement irons. The mix of colors and textures gives the clubs a distinctive modern aesthetic that will turn heads on the green.

One of the most notable visual aspects is the progressive design of the set. The 4-7 irons have a hollow body design, while the short irons have cavity backs. This clever transition isn’t just for looks; it also aids in performance, with the hollow bodies providing distance and forgiveness and the cavity backs offering more control.

 Sound & Feel

While you’re certainly drawn in by the intriguing looks of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons, their sound and feel will seal the deal for you. Surprisingly, these irons feel incredibly solid, a trait that will be highly appealing for players who value feedback from their club.

When you strike the ball, the Cleveland Launcher XL produces a satisfying medium-volume ‘clap.’ It’s a sound that’s decidedly affirming but not overly loud, reflecting a well-struck shot.

Interestingly, the sound and feel are consistent across the face. This is beneficial in several ways:

  • You get reliable feedback on every shot
  • It makes the irons forgiving, as even off-center hits feel solid
  • It can boost your confidence, as there’s no drastic difference in sound or feel between a good strike and a poor one
  • It lets you focus more on your swing technique than worrying about hitting the ‘sweet spot.’
  • It enhances the overall playing experience, making the game more enjoyable

However, this consistency also means that you must pay close attention to differentiate between perfect and inferior strikes, as the difference can be subtle. This could be a minor drawback for some players, but others might see it as an opportunity to hone their skills and fine-tune their swing.


When it comes to performance, the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons genuinely shine, offering an impressive blend of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness that’s hard to find in other clubs. These irons produce exceptional ball speed, bordering on elite, and when paired with slightly below-average spin, you’re looking at very long carry distances. Cleveland’s design doesn’t overdo it with low spin, which means you’ll see some run out with these irons, but they’ll still be playable.

The Launcher XL Irons are built for forgiveness, featuring a giant head, Cleveland’s highest-ever MOI, and innovative MainFrame variable face technology. The benefit of this face thickness variability is that even off-center strikes maintain high ball speed. High MOI ensures your club doesn’t twist excessively on heel or toe strikes, resulting in mishits that stay online and closer to the distance of pure strikes.

Cleveland has also implemented a progressive set design with these irons. The long irons (4-7) are hollow bodies, while the 8-DW are cavity backs. The grooves are also progressive, more comprehensive, and flatter in the long irons to reduce spin and deeper wedge-style in the short irons for more spin and stopping power.

The standard version of the Launcher XL irons comes with an 8-gram counterweight in the grip, lowering the swing weight and making the club feel lighter and easier to swing.


Let’s shift our focus to the advantages of Cleveland Launcher XL Irons.

You’ll be particularly impressed with the distance these irons can achieve, their exceptional forgiveness, and their satisfying feel and sound.

We’ll also discuss their workability, providing a comprehensive understanding of their benefits.


Although you mightn’t expect it, with the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons, you’ll see an impressive boost in your distance, averaging up to 10 yards more per swing compared to other irons like the Mizuno JPX 921s and the Callaway Rogue STs.

This isn’t just a fluke but a result of the remarkable tech features incorporated into these irons.

  • They have a MainFrame face designed using Artificial Intelligence, which enhances ball speed and stability.

  • The Hollow Cavity Combo Design aids in achieving greater distances.

  • An 8g weight inside the grip improves balance, promoting a smoother swing.

  • Their V-shaped sole with elevated leading edge and wider grooves aids better turf interaction.

  • Lastly, a high MOI reading ensures consistency in performance, making these irons an excellent choice for players seeking distance in their game.


You’ll appreciate the forgiving nature of Cleveland Launcher XL Irons, especially on off-center hits. Even when you miss the sweet spot, these irons are designed to help you maintain control and distance.

Their high Moment of Inertia (MOI) ensures that the impact of mis-hits is minimized, keeping your shots closer to the intended line. Off-center hits still travel impressively far and rarely veer more than 10-20 yards off the target line.

This forgiveness is a significant advantage, boosting your confidence and improving game performance. The Launcher XL Irons prove that you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for power.

With these irons in your bag, you’re equipped to handle the challenges on the course and significantly improve your game.


While you might initially be drawn to the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons for their impressive forgiveness and distance, their exceptional feel will win you. The instant feedback they provide clearly indicates where the ball was struck on the clubface, enhancing your understanding and control of each shot.

Here are some specific aspects that contribute to their outstanding feel:

  • A well-balanced weight distribution that aids in consistent swings
  • A responsive clubface that lets you know where the ball was hit
  • An optimal grip design for comfortable handling and better control
  • Superior vibration absorption that ensures a smooth feel at impact
  • The overall design promotes a confident and natural swing.

These features combine to provide a genuinely exceptional feel, making the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons a joy to play with.


In terms of sound, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons. Unlike the notorious loud pinging sounds of the Cleveland Hibore, these irons produce a typical, crisp ringing sound that’s far more pleasing to the ears.

The sound of a club striking a golf ball can significantly influence a golfer’s perception of performance, and the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons delivers impressively in this regard. The sound they produce isn’t only pleasant and resonates with feedback, providing aural cues to help you understand the quality of your strike.

It’s a subtle yet vital aspect that enhances your overall playing experience. In essence, the Launcher XL Irons perfectly balanced auditory satisfaction and performance feedback.


Despite the high launch, the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons offers a decent level of workability that’ll impress you. The irons’ design allows you to easily shape your shots, whether you’re aiming for a fade or a draw. You’ll find that the high launch aids in moving the ball from side to side, offering you more control over your shots.

Here are some key points to note:

  • High launch assists in shaping shots
  • Ability to move the ball from right to left and vice versa
  • Enhanced control over shot direction
  • Allows for creative shot-making
  • Suitable for golfers seeking to improve their shot-shaping skills

Shaft Feel

As you transition from the impressive workability of these irons, you’ll find that the shaft feel of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons is another major pro that adds to their overall appeal.

The regular steel flex irons allow smooth travel through the ball, creating a solid and consistent contact. This is mainly due to the shaft’s optimal balance between flexibility and stability.

The shaft isn’t so stiff that it hinders your swing, but it’s not so flexible that it compromises your control. The result is a shaft that feels effortless to swing yet powerful upon impact. You’ll appreciate how this feel translates into a more confident, controlled swing.

The Cleveland Launcher XL Irons’ shaft provides a perfect blend of comfort, control, and consistency.

Shaft Performance

When you’re swinging the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons, you’ll notice that the shaft’s performance is a standout feature, offering an outstanding balance of flexibility and stability to enhance your game. The shaft improves the consistency of your shots and controls the ball’s spin rate, keeping it around 7500 rpms.

  • The shaft promotes a steady swing thanks to its balanced design.
  • It enhances the consistency of your strikes, enabling you to deliver similar shots repeatedly.
  • The shaft maintains a consistent spin rate on the ball, around 7500 rpms.
  • Its performance boosts your confidence in your game, knowing that the shaft has your back.
  • It offers a balance of flexibility and stability, a combination crucial for a great golf game.

With these advantages, the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons’ shaft is a game-changer.

Aesthetic Appeal

You’ll find several appealing aspects regarding the aesthetics of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons.

The sleek silver head offers a clean, modern look suited to players of all levels.

The black and blue cavity, complemented by the iconic Cleveland Launcher logo, adds a touch of sophistication. This design not only looks good but also serves to highlight the club’s technical features.

The color contrast aids alignment, providing an optimal setup before each swing.

The overall visual design is balanced, neither flashy nor understated, appealing to a broad range of golfers.

In essence, the aesthetic appeal of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons matches their performance capabilities, making them a well-rounded choice for your golfing needs.


The Cleveland Launcher XL Irons excels in spin, offering a consistent rate that’s just right for keeping your shots on target. Your balls are less likely to veer off course thanks to these irons’ steady spin.

Here’s what you should know about the spin pro of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons:

  • Consistent spin rate of around 7,500rpms
  • There is a lower chance for the ball to flail off-target
  • Reduced risk of shots straying to the right or left
  • Greater control over your shots
  • A consistent spin that’s ideal for precision play


While the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons boasts many impressive features, it’s essential to consider a few drawbacks.

You might find the lack of adjustability somewhat limiting, especially if you’re used to customizing your clubs.

The grip feel mightn’t be to everyone’s liking, and the launch angle could be too high for those seeking a lower trajectory.


One significant drawback with the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons is their lack of adjustability. This feature, or the lack of it, can limit the clubs’ versatility and your ability to tailor them to your specific swing style and conditions.

The irons come with stock settings, meaning you can’t adjust the club’s loft or lie angle to fit your game better.

The lack of adjustability could also affect the club’s balance and weight distribution, potentially impacting your swing.

Without customization options, you may need to adjust your swing to the club instead of the club adjusting to your swing.

The inability to select different shaft materials may limit your swing speed and style optimization.

 Grip Feel

Continuing from the lack of adjustability, you might also feel let down by the grip of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons. The default grips on these irons are Lamkin, which, to be frank, mightn’t provide the best grip experience. You might find them slippery, mainly if you’re used to other brands like Golf Pride.

The lack of good grip can negatively impact your game, affecting your swing and control over the ball’s trajectory. If you’re considering getting these irons, you might want to factor in the cost of customizing the grips for a better, more secure feel. It’s a minor hitch but can be a deal breaker for some golfers.

After all, comfort and control are crucial in a game as demanding as golf.

 Launch Angle

If you tend to have a higher launch angle, you might find the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons exacerbating this issue, potentially making play in windier conditions more challenging. The irons have been noted to increase the launch angle, which can be a downside for those with a high launch angle.

Here are some potential issues you may encounter:

– Difficulty in controlling ball flight in windy conditions
– Higher trajectory might reduce the overall distance
– More backspin could lead to less roll on landing
– Increased chance of ballooning shots, especially in adverse weather
– More challenging to execute low, penetrating shots

Despite these potential cons, remember that each golfer’s experience varies, and these irons may offer significant benefits in other areas of your game.


After thorough testing and analysis, it’s clear that the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons are a game-changer. Offering a blend of top-notch performance and forgiveness, they’re a stellar choice for mid-handicappers and beginners.

If you are undecided about which new club to choose, take advantage of the great benefit of the Global Golf Utry trial program and test this iron before you decide to buy it.

The key technologies, sleek look, and superior feel make these irons stand out. Despite a few minor downsides, the overall value is unquestionable.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking accurate results on the golf course, the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons should be your top contender.

Cleveland Launcher XL Iron Set Golf Clubs

✔  High Launch and Forgiveness

✔  Action Mass CB

✔  Face Cup Technology

✔  Feel Balancing Technology

New or Used Available 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.