Best Putters for Mid Handicappers

If you want to improve your golf game, the right putter can make all the difference. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry; this guide’s got you covered. We’ll discuss the features you must look for, price and durability, and review the best putters for mid-handicappers.

You’ll be well-equipped to make a wise choice and elevate your game. Let’s get started.

Cobra King Vintage Nova

Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter Golf Clubs

✔ Enhanced Feel and Control

✔ Stylish Vintage Design

✔ Alignment Aid

✔ High-Quality Construction

New or Used Available 

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Let’s focus on the Cobra King Vintage Nova, a standout putter for mid-handicappers.

This putter is flush with advanced technology, like an adjustable weight system and descending loft technology, offering precision and control.

It is necessary to assess its pros and cons to determine if it matches your game.


Boosting your performance on the greens, the Cobra King Vintage Nova offers several impressive features you’ll surely appreciate.

The 304 stainless steel putter head provides durability and a unique feel.

The Sik Aluminum Face Insert enhances control and accuracy, ensuring the ball rolls smoothly towards the hole.

The adjustable weighting system lets you modify the putter’s balance, tailoring the club to your stroke style.

The Cobra Connect Technology provides valuable data analysis, helping you better understand your game and improve your strokes.

Lastly, the clean lines and coloring distinguish it from other putters, giving you a stylish edge on the green.

With these benefits, the Cobra King Vintage Nova can be a game-changer for mid-handicappers.


While enjoying the many advantages of the Cobra King Vintage Nova, you might find a few drawbacks worth considering.

  1. Weighting Adjustment: Although the adjustable weight construction allows for stroke customization, dialing the weighting that works for your game can take time. You’ll need patience and practice to find the balance that suits your putting style.

  2. Price: The Cobra King Vintage Nova is an advanced golf equipment with a premium price tag. For mid-handicappers on a budget, this could be a limiting factor.

  3. SIK Face Technology: While this technology is designed to optimize forward roll, it might require some getting used to. It’s a feature that may not appeal to all mid-handicappers, especially if you’re accustomed to a different feel in your putter.

Despite these potential drawbacks, remember that the Cobra King Vintage Nova remains a high-performance putter offering many benefits.

Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball

Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball DB Putter Golf Clubs

✔ Iconic 2-Ball Design

✔ Double Bend Face-Balanced Mallet

✔ White Hot Insert

✔ Enhanced Urethane Insert

New or Used Available 

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Let’s examine the Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball as we move forward.

This putter, known for its enhanced feel and impressive alignment features, has been a game-changer for mid-handicappers.

We’ll assess its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if it fits your game.


You’ll appreciate the Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball’s original White Hot formulation, which provides a consistent feel and improved roll on the greens. This putter’s formulation offers a smooth, reliable response that can bolster your confidence and performance on the greens.

One of the top features of the Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball is its sleek silver PVD finish. This enhances its aesthetic appeal and adds to its durability, ensuring it remains in top shape for a long time.

The second pro is the DFX rubber grip. It provides a comfortable, firm hold, enhancing your strokes’ control and precision.

Lastly, the option for a Stroke Lab shaft allows you to customize the putter to suit your playing style better, giving you an extra edge on the course.


Despite its numerous advantages, you might encounter some drawbacks with the Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball.

One of the main concerns could be its size. The putter head might feel quite bulky when you first start using it. This could be particularly problematic if you’re accustomed to using a blade putter or a smaller mallet.

The giant head might affect your stroke, making it feel less natural and potentially impacting your accuracy on the greens. Additionally, depending on your personal preference, you might find it visually distracting.

It’s essential to remember that while this putter offers excellent alignment assistance and a high MOI, the size might take some getting used to.

Testing out a putter to ensure it feels right for you is always a good idea.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Putter

✔ Advanced Shaping

✔ Multi-Material Design

✔ Perimeter Weighting

✔ Tour-Proven Performance

New or Used Available 

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Let’s turn our attention to the TaylorMade Spider Tour Black, a tour-proven putter known for its high MOI and impressive roll.

It’s not just about the superior feel and stability this model offers but also the easy alignment and vibration-damping PU foam built into the putter head.

If inconsistency is a problem in your game, this club, with its SuperStroke GTR 1.0 Grip, might be the answer you’re looking for.


The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black offers a high moment of inertia thanks to its heavy 304 stainless steel frame, which enhances the weighting for straight back and through strokes. This results in an exceptional balance and stability, helping you keep your putts online even if you miss the sweet spot.

Superior Weighting: The heavy steel frame effectively increases the putter’s overall weight, helping you maintain a smooth and steady stroke.

High Moment of Inertia (MOI): The high MOI ensures that your putt will stay on target, even on off-center hits, providing more forgiveness for mid-handicappers.

Vibration Damping: This feature reduces the vibration on impact, providing a soft and consistent feel, which translates to improved distance control and accuracy on your putts.

With these features, the TaylorMade Spider Tour Black proves to be a top-notch choice for mid-handicappers.


While you’ll certainly enjoy the high MOI and superior weighting of the TaylorMade Spider Tour Black, it’s important to remember that this model doesn’t feature adjustable weighting. This may limit your ability to customize the putter’s balance to suit your personal stroke mechanics. You may wish for more control over the putter’s weight distribution, mainly if you’re used to more adjustable models.

Another potential drawback is that this isn’t the newest Spider model on the market. While the Tour Black remains a solid choice for mid-handicappers, technological advancements have occurred since its release. Consequently, you may miss out on some of the latest enhancements that newer models offer, such as improved alignment aids or cutting-edge face inserts.

PXG 0211 HellCat Straight

PXG 0211 Putter HellCat Golf Club

✔ High-Performance Design

✔ Alignment Aid

✔ Customization Options

✔ Modern Design

New or Used Available 

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Let’s move on to the PXG HellCat Straight, a remarkable option for mid-handicappers.

As an affordable blade putter, it sports a 365-gram head and a unique Pyramid Face Pattern technology for consistent roll and minimized skid.

We’ll examine its pros and cons to understand further how it could boost your short game.


Even though you might be a mid-handicapper, you’ll appreciate the PXG HellCat Straight’s high MOI and Pyramid Face Pattern, which provide excellent stability and a more consistent roll on the greens.

  1. High MOI: The high MOI of the PXG HellCat Straight makes it more forgiving on off-center hits. This means the putter will help keep the ball online even if your stroke isn’t perfect.

  2. Pyramid Face Pattern: This unique feature on the club face helps reduce skid, promote a smooth roll, and ultimately enhance your control over distance.

  3. Weighty Putter Head: The heavy putter head is an advantage on faster greens where a lighter putter might struggle. It feels solid in your hands and provides a firm, confident stroke.

These pros make the PXG HellCat Straight a top choice for mid-handicappers.


So, what might be the drawbacks of choosing the PXG HellCat Straight as your putter?

While the HellCat Straight boasts some impressive features, it falls short in one key area: forgiveness. This term, often called MOI or moment of inertia in golf terminology, refers to the putter’s ability to maintain a straight path even if the ball isn’t struck perfectly in the center. Higher MOI is particularly beneficial for mid-handicappers as it offers consistency and reduces the impact of mishits.

Unfortunately, the HellCat Straight doesn’t offer as much forgiveness as other putters on the market. Your shots may be less consistent, especially if your stroke isn’t spot on. Remember, a putter with higher forgiveness can help you improve your game significantly, so consider this aspect before deciding.

Wilson Harmonized M3

Wilson Harmonized M3

✔ Alignment Aid

✔ Versatile Sole Grind

✔ Classic Look and Feel

✔ Mallet Design

New or Used Available 

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Let’s now turn our attention to the Wilson Harmonized M3, a competitive option for those on a budget.

This putter offers impressive alignment capabilities and accuracy, which are crucial for mid-handicappers.

We’ll explore its pros and cons to see if it’s the right fit for your game.


As a mid-handicapper, you’ll find the Wilson Harmonized M3 putter’s easy alignment feature and excellent midsize grip a real game-changer.

  1. Easy Alignment: This putter’s design makes lining up your putts a breeze. It almost feels like the putter guides you to the right line, enhancing your accuracy and consistency.

  2. Midsize Grip: The Harmonized M3 sports a well-crafted midsize grip. This feature offers a more comfortable hold and encourages a lighter grip pressure, leading to a smoother stroke.

  3. Soft Feel: The M3 provides a softer feel upon impact thanks to its face insert. This can improve your distance control on greens, making managing those tricky mid-length putts easier.

In short, the Wilson Harmonized M3 putter is a reliable and beneficial tool for any mid-handicapper’s arsenal.


You might find a few drawbacks with the Wilson Harmonized M3 putter despite its benefits.

Firstly, the feel of the putter isn’t the best on the market. This could impact your stroke and your overall control of the greens. Putters with a superior feel can provide better feedback, which is crucial for improving your putting game.

Secondly, the lack of adjustable weighting options is a downside. Customizing putter weight can be beneficial for a tailored putting experience, mainly if you aim to improve your consistency.

Lastly, aesthetics matter in golf, and the Wilson Harmonized M3 mightn’t be the most visually appealing option for all mid-handicappers. Always remember, a putter that boosts your confidence can enhance your performance on the greens.

Wilson Infinite Buckingham

Wilson Infinite Buckingham

✔ Precision Milled Face

✔ Counterbalanced Technology

✔ Classic Aesthetics

✔ Infinite Series Adjustability

New or Used Available 

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Turning your attention to the Wilson Infinite Buckingham, you’ll find it’s a top recommendation for mid-handsappers seeking solid value.

This putter offers a significant upgrade from the Wilson Harmonized M3, with a notably superior feel and impressive consistency.

The ultra-dark PVD finish and appealing top-down look add to its charm, making it hard to resist for any serious golfer.


In your search for the ideal mid-handicapper putter, you’ll find that the Wilson Infinite Buckingham offers impressive value. This putter boasts an ultra-dark PVD finish, giving it a sleek and stylish look that will surely stand out on the green.

But the appeal of this putter isn’t only skin-deep. Here are three notable benefits:

  1. Anti-Glare Finish: The Buckingham’s finish isn’t just for show. It’s designed to reduce glare, helping you focus better, especially under the bright sun.

  2. Great Distance Control: Its technology ensures consistent distance control, improving your putting accuracy over time.

  3. Value for Money: Buckingham provides top-tier features at a reasonable price point, making it an excellent investment for mid-handicappers looking to improve their game.

Overall, the Wilson Infinite Buckingham is a putter that combines aesthetics, performance, and value.


While you’ll find much to appreciate about the Wilson Infinite Buckingham, it’s essential to consider its potential drawbacks.

One issue you might encounter with this putter is that it tends to pull a bit to the left when putting from inside five feet. This could impact your accuracy, particularly on shorter putts where precision is paramount.

The cause of this slight pull could be attributed to the putter’s weight distribution or design. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s something to consider when choosing.

It’s critical to match your putter to your stroke style and comfort. Be aware of this potential drawback and test the Buckingham to see if it impacts your game before committing to it.

Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putter Golf Clubs

✔ Soft Feel

✔ Precision Milled Face

✔ Classic Design

✔ Infinite Series Adjustability

New or Used Available 

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Let’s focus on the Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier, a putter that has made quite a splash in the mid-handicapper community.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of this model, analyzing its standout features and any potential drawbacks.

From the diamond CNC milling pattern to its competitive pricing, we’ll break down what makes this putter a worthy consideration for your golf bag.


You’ll appreciate the Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier for its two different grip options, providing a customized feel and control. This flexibility allows you to select the grip that suits your playing style, enhancing your confidence on the green.

The Diamond CNC milling pattern is another plus. It promotes a consistent roll and more precise control, essential for mid-handicappers aiming to reduce their scores.

Speed-optimized face technology ensures consistency across the entire face. This means even on off-center hits, your ball will still travel the desired distance.

Lastly, the gray satin finish isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. It also minimizes glare, allowing you to focus more on your stroke and less on the sun’s reflection.

These features combined make the Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier a solid choice for mid-handicappers.


Despite its numerous advantages, your experience with the Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier mightn’t be flawless.

Some golfers have found that the putter’s face can feel a bit too soft. This mightn’t be a big deal if you prefer a softer feel. However, if you’re used to a firmer feel or play on faster greens, it could be a drawback.

Additionally, you may have to hit the ball a bit harder on really slow greens. This could potentially affect your control and precision in putting.

While these aren’t major issues, they’re still worth considering, especially if firmness and speed are critical factors in your putting style.

Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track

Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track

✔ Triple Track Alignment System

✔ Precision Design

✔ Tour-Proven Performance

✔ Versatile Models

New or Used Available 

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Let’s talk about the Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track, a game-changer in mid-handicapper putters.

You’ll find it’s packed with features that improve alignment and enhance sound and feel.

This putter’s stability at impact, large sweet spot, and consistent precision can truly elevate your game.


The Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track offers advanced forgiveness, which can significantly improve your performance by reducing the chance of heel and toe miss-hits. This is a boon for mid-handicappers, as it ensures a more consistent game and lowers your overall scores.

  1. Advanced Forgiveness: The high MOI design of the putter provides enhanced forgiveness. This means the ball maintains a straight path even if your stroke isn’t perfect, leading to fewer missed putts.

  2. Impressive Accuracy: The Triple Track alignment system aids in improving your aiming and accuracy. It’s a visual aid that helps you line up your putts for a more precise stroke.

  3. Increased Stability: Compared to its predecessor, the Odyssey Ten, the Eleven Putter offers increased stability. This additional balance helps to ensure a smoother stroke and greater control, enhancing your overall putting game.


While the Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track has many benefits, you might find a few drawbacks that could affect your game.

The most glaring issue is the high price tag. As one of the pricier putters on the market, it may not be the best option if you’re on a budget or just starting to invest in higher-quality clubs.

Additionally, while innovative, the Triple Track system could clutter your visual field, making it more challenging to focus on your putt.

The putter’s weight, too, mightn’t suit everyone’s preference as it leans towards the heavier side.

Lastly, while generally beneficial, its high MOI mightn’t appeal if you prefer a putter with more feel and feedback.

Ensure these drawbacks align with your playing style before investing.

Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide

Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide

✔ Classic White Hot Insert

✔ Enhanced Alignment

✔ Stroke Lab Technology

✔ Wide Blade Design

New or Used Available 

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Now, let’s chat about the Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide, a standout choice among putters for mid-handsappers.

This putter is renowned for its forgiving nature, soft feel, and smooth roll, which makes it a favorite among golfers.

However, like any club, you should consider its strengths and weaknesses before purchasing.


You’ll love the Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide for its classic finish and stable design that can significantly improve the consistency of your stroke. This putter is a top choice for mid-handicappers for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Stability: The wide design of this putter ensures that your swing remains steady, reducing the likelihood of off-center hits.

  2. Soft Feel: A key feature of the White Hot OG Double Wide is its soft feel, which offers exceptional responsiveness and control on the greens.

  3. Muted Acoustics: This putter is designed with a unique sound that helps you gauge the quality of your stroke, enhancing your tactile feedback.

Built for golfers with straight strokes, this putter could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.


Despite its numerous advantages, there are a few potential downsides to the Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide that you should consider. One of them is the thin grip. For some golfers, this feature might lead to twisting the putter face during the stroke, which can affect the accuracy and direction of your shots.

Furthermore, this putter may not be the best fit for golfers with a moderate or exaggerated arched stroke. Its design and features are more suited to straight-back and straight-through strokes. So, if your stroke tends to have a noticeable arc, you might struggle with consistency and control when using this putter.

Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo

Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo

✔ Jumbo Grip

✔ Alignment Aid

✔ Balanced Feel

✔ Affordability

New or Used Available 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When considering the Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo, you’ll find it’s a reliable option that doesn’t break the bank.

The unique design and technology behind this putter promote consistent topspin and a softer feel, making it an excellent choice for mid-handicappers.

Let’s analyze its pros and cons to see if it fits your playing style and preferences.


The Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo offers a soft feel and increased stability due to its jumbo grip, which reduces wrist action during the stroke. Covering the pros of this putter, you can’t overlook its entry-level price, making it accessible for mid-handicappers looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.

  1. Affordability: The Harmonized M1 Jumbo is priced for budget-conscious golfers who still want a quality putter.

  2. Increased Friction: The design of this putter enhances friction on impact, leading to more consistent rolls and better distance control.

  3. Comfort and Control: The jumbo grip provides a comfortable hold and minimizes wrist action, giving you better control over your strokes.

In all, it’s a worthwhile investment for any mid-handicapper.


While you’ll find a lot to love about the Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo, it’s also essential to consider a few potential drawbacks.

Firstly, this putter may not suit all styles of strokes. If you have a straight or arch stroke, you might find it difficult to get along with this model.

Another sticking point could be the putter’s reduced forgiveness. While it has a lot going for design and price, some golfers might find the lack of forgiveness a bit off-putting. This reduced forgiveness could lead to inconsistencies in your putting game, ultimately affecting your overall performance on the green.


In summary, choosing the right putter as a mid-handicapper isn’t a walk in the park. However, this guide familiarizes you with critical considerations like MOI, type, alignment, weight, and feel.

Remember, the perfect putter doesn’t have to break the bank. Brands like Odyssey, Wilson, and TaylorMade offer top-notch putters that deliver quality and value.