5 Best Golf Subscription Boxes

As an avid golfer with a penchant for exploring the latest in golf gear and apparel, I’ve had the pleasure of testing various golf subscription boxes. These services offer a unique blend of convenience, discovery, and style tailored to the needs and preferences of golfers at all levels. Among these, five standout options have caught my attention for their distinctive offerings and value to the golfing community.

Top Subscription Boxes For Golfers

  • Short Par 4                                  Best Monthly Golf Box

  • Inside the Leather                      Monthly Golf Box

  • Mullybox                                      Golf Box Subscriptions

  • Birdie Bundle                               Golf Monthly Box

  • JrGolfBox                                    Junior Subscription Box


Best Golf Subscription Box Reviews

Short Par 4: A Stylist in a Box for Golfers


Brand Variety


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Short Par 4 steps onto the fairway as a leading golf subscription box, offering a blend of fashion-forward golf apparel and accessories. This service prides itself on acting as a personal stylist for golfers, delivering handpicked items that match individual style preferences and the practical needs of the sport.

What’s Included

Subscribers can expect a mix of:

  • Apparel: From high-quality polo shirts, stylish shorts, and trousers to outerwear that’s functional and fashionable on the golf course.
  • Accessories: Belts, gloves, hats, and sunglasses tailored to complement the golfer’s style and enhance their game.
  • Exclusive Deals: Access to special offers and discounts on premium golf brands.

Pricing and Plans

Short Par 4 offers several subscription options:

  • Fairway Membership: This is aimed at casual golfers looking for quality and value, with monthly plans starting at Price: $54.95 ($110+ retail value)
  • Executive Membership: For those seeking premium brands and exclusive items, with Price: $109.95 ($220+ retail value)                                                                                    

Women’s golf subscription box

  • Magnolia Membership: This membership is specially tailored for women golfers, and the pricing is $99 ($200+ retail value).

Why It Stands Out


  • Personalization: Each box is curated by stylists based on the subscriber’s preferences, ensuring that the items are both functional and suited to the individual’s style.
  • Brand Variety: Short Par 4 partners with a wide range of golf apparel and accessory brands, offering a mix of established names and emerging designers.
  • Flexibility: Members can preview and modify their box before shipment, adding a layer of customization rarely seen in subscription services.


  • Price Point: While the Fairway Membership offers good value, the Executive Membership may be steep for some, especially casual players.
  • Surprise Element: For golfers who prefer to handpick every item in their golf wardrobe, the element of surprise with each box’s contents might only sometimes hit the mark.

Short Par 4 distinguishes itself with its focus on style, quality, and personalization, making it more than just a subscription box—it’s a personal stylist for your golfing life. Whether you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, discover new brands, or enjoy the convenience of having golf apparel and accessories delivered to your door, Short Par 4 offers a range of options to suit various tastes and budgets.

Mens Golf Subscription Box

Inside the Leather: The Ultimate Golfer's Treasure Chest

Diverse Selection

Quality and Innovation

Gourmet Element


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Inside the Leather is more than just a subscription box; it’s a golfer’s monthly dose of joy, delivering a curated selection of golf gear, gadgets, and gourmet goodies. Aimed at those passionate about the game, Inside the Leather combines the practical with the pleasurable, ensuring every item in the box enhances your golfing experience both on and off the course.

What’s Included

Subscribers can look forward to an eclectic mix of:

  • Golf Gear: Essential items such as premium golf balls, tees, and cleaning tools to keep your equipment in top shape.
  • Gadgets: Innovative gadgets to improve your game, like swing analyzers, GPS rangefinders, or mobile app subscriptions.
  • Apparel: Occasionally, high-quality golf wear, including hats, gloves, and shirts designed for performance and style.
  • Gourmet Snacks: A selection of gourmet snacks and nutrition products to keep you energized on the course.
  • Lifestyle Items: Golf-inspired lifestyle products that celebrate the love of the game beyond the green.

Pricing and Plans

  • Standard Plan: A balanced mix of gear, snacks, and lifestyle items for $59 monthly.
  • Premium Plan: This plan includes everything in the Standard Plan plus higher-end gadgets and exclusive apparel for $155 monthly.

Why It Stands Out


  • Diverse Selection: Inside the Leather offers a unique mix of items that cater to all aspects of a golfer’s life, not just the game itself.
  • Quality and Innovation: Focuses on providing high-quality gear and the latest golfing technology to help improve your game.
  • Gourmet Element: Including gourmet snacks differentiates it from other golf subscription boxes, appealing to the golfer’s palate and passion for the sport.


  • Price Point: While offering considerable value, the premium plan may be higher for casual golfers.
  • Apparel Frequency: Those explicitly looking for regular updates to their golf wardrobe might find the apparel items less frequent than those in other subscription boxes.

Inside, the Leather stands out for its comprehensive approach to the golfing lifestyle. It’s not just about supplying you with the tools to improve your game; it’s about enriching your golfing experience. With a keen eye on quality, innovation, and enjoyment, Inside the Leather is an excellent choice for golfers who appreciate the finer aspects of the sport, both on and off the course.

Golf Apparel Subscription Box

Mullybox: Perfecting Your Game, One Box at a Time

Focused on Improvement

Curated Instructional Content


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Mullybox is a standout in the world of golf subscription boxes. It focuses primarily on improving your game through carefully selected training aids, gear, and motivational items. It’s the ideal companion for golfers looking to lower their scores and enhance their skills on the course. Each box is designed not just to provide equipment but to offer a holistic approach to game improvement.

What’s Included

Subscribers to Mullybox can expect a variety of items, including:

  • Training Aids: Innovative tools and gadgets to practice and improve different aspects of your game, from putting to driving.
  • Golf Accessories: Essential accessories like premium balls, tees, and markers.
  • Apparel Items: Occasionally includes golf wear such as gloves, caps, and socks designed for comfort and style on the course.
  • Instructional Content: Tips and drills from golf professionals to complement the training aids and gear to improve your technique.

Pricing and Plans

Mullybox offers straightforward and accessible subscription options:

  • Standard Box: Priced at $89 per month, it includes a mix of training aids, accessories, and instructional content to help improve your game.
  • Premium Box: For $113 monthly, subscribers receive everything in the Standard Box, plus additional premium items or apparel.

Why It Stands Out


  • Focused on Improvement: Unlike other golf subscription boxes that focus more on lifestyle or apparel, Mullybox is dedicated to helping golfers improve their game, making it ideal for those serious about lowering their scores.
  • Curated Instructional Content: Including professional advice and drills tailored to the items in each box enhances the value and impact of the training aids and gear.
  • Flexibility: With two subscription levels, golfers can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.


  • Less Emphasis on Apparel: For those who prefer a regular influx of new golf apparel, Mullybox may satisfy that demand less than other subscription services.
  • Niche Focus: The intense focus on game improvement makes it less appealing to casual golfers who might prioritize lifestyle or luxury items over training aids.

Mullybox distinguishes itself by being more than just a subscription service; it’s a tool for severe golfers dedicated to improving their game. With its thoughtful selection of training aids, essential accessories, and valuable instructional content, Mullybox is perfect for anyone looking to take their golfing skills to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to get a better handle on the basics or an experienced player aiming to shave a few strokes off your handicap, Mullybox provides the tools and motivation to achieve those goals.

Monthly Golf Subscription Box

Birdie Bundle: A Premium Golfing Experience in a Box

High-Quality Selection

Fashion Forward


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Birdie Bundle is a premier golf subscription service designed for golfers who appreciate the finer things in the game. This box blends luxury and utility, offering a curated selection of high-quality apparel, accessories, and exclusive golf products. Each Birdie Bundle is tailored to provide tools for improvement and items that enrich the golf lifestyle, making each round more enjoyable and stylish.

What’s Included

Birdie Bundle subscribers can look forward to a generous assortment of items:

  • Premium Apparel: High-end, fashionable golf wear from top brands that ensure you look your best on the course.
  • Golf Accessories: From cutting-edge gadgets to essential tools like premium balls, tees, and personalized items.
  • Lifestyle Products: Exclusive golf-themed lifestyle products that celebrate your love for the game off the course.
  • Special Offers: Access to special promotions, discounts, and events exclusive to Birdie Bundle subscribers.

Pricing and Plans

Birdie Bundle offers two primary subscription levels:

  • Standard Bundle: For $49.95 per month, subscribers receive a mix of golf apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items.
  • Premium Bundle: Priced at $99.95 per month, this option includes everything in the Standard Bundle, plus additional premium items and exclusive offers.

Why It Stands Out


  • High-Quality Selection: Birdie Bundle focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that each item in the box is a premium product that adds value to your golf experience.
  • Fashion Forward: With a strong emphasis on stylish apparel, Birdie Bundle helps golfers maintain a modern and sophisticated look on the course.
  • Customization: Subscribers can provide their preferences for size, style, and even specific gear, allowing for a more personalized unboxing experience.


  • Higher Price Point: The emphasis on premium and luxury items means that Birdie Bundle has a higher price tag, which might only fit some people’s budgets.
  • Focus on Apparel: While the focus on high-end fashion is a significant plus for style-conscious golfers, those more interested in tech gadgets or training aids might find the selection less appealing.

Birdie Bundle is a luxury golf subscription box that caters to the golfer who values performance and style. It’s the perfect choice for those who see golf as a sport and a lifestyle, offering a mix of apparel, gear, and lifestyle products that reflect the game’s sophistication and tradition. With its commitment to quality, customization, and exclusive offerings, Birdie Bundle provides a premium experience that makes each round of golf a special occasion.

Best Subscription Packages For Junior

JrGolfBox: Nurturing the Next Generation of Golfers

Age-Appropriate Selection

Educational Focus

Encourages Engagement

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JrGolfBox is a unique subscription service specifically designed for young golfers. Its mission is to support the growth and development of junior players by providing them with age-appropriate gear, training aids, and educational materials. This box is a fantastic way for kids to get excited about golf, learn the fundamentals of the game, and improve their skills in a fun and engaging way.

What’s Included

In each JrGolfBox, subscribers can expect to find:

  • Youth Golf Apparel: High-quality, comfortable, stylish golf clothes fit young players perfectly.
  • Training Aids: Specially selected to be practical and fun for junior golfers, helping them improve their game.
  • Educational Content: Books, DVDs, or access to online resources that teach the rules of golf, etiquette, and basic strategies.
  • Golf Accessories: Everything from junior-sized gloves and hats to golf balls and tees, all designed for younger players.
  • Fun Extras: Stickers, puzzles, and other golf-themed items to keep the excitement about the sport alive.

Pricing and Plans

JrGolfBox offers a straightforward subscription model:

  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $46.95, this plan delivers a new box of golf goodies tailored for junior golfers to your doorstep every month.

Why It Stands Out


  • Age-Appropriate Selection: JrGolfBox curates its items with young golfers in mind, ensuring that everything from the apparel to the training aids is suitable for their age and size.
  • Educational Focus: Unlike other golf subscription boxes, JrGolfBox significantly emphasizes educating young players about the sport, which is essential for their growth and development in the game.
  • Encourages Engagement: By including fun extras and puzzles, JrGolfBox makes golf more engaging for kids, helping to build a lifelong love for the game.


  • Monthly Only Option: With only a monthly subscription, there’s less flexibility for those who prefer a less frequent delivery.

JrGolfBox is an innovative service that fills a niche in the golf subscription box market by focusing exclusively on young golfers. It stands out for its commitment to nurturing the next generation of golfers through fun, education, and skill development. JrGolfBox is an excellent resource for parents looking to support their child’s golf journey by providing age-appropriate gear and educational materials. The box helps junior golfers improve their game and instills a love and respect for the sport that can last a lifetime.

Why Choose a Golf Subscription Box?

The appeal of golf subscription boxes is multifaceted. Firstly, the convenience factor must be balanced. Receiving golf-related gear and accessories monthly or quarterly saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent shopping. Additionally, these boxes often introduce subscribers to new products and brands, broadening one’s horizons and potentially improving their game. Services offer a level of customization, tailoring their boxes to suit individual preferences, skill levels, and style, ensuring that what you receive is not just a surprise but also genuinely helpful.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Golf Subscription Box


Golf subscription boxes can vary widely in Price, with options available for every budget. Understanding the range of prices and what you can expect to receive within each can help manage your expectations and ensure you find a subscription service that offers excellent value.


The best golf subscription services offer some degree of customization. Whether you select apparel sizes, specify your skill level, or indicate style preferences, a box that caters to your needs and wants will provide the most satisfaction and utility.

Frequency of Delivery

Consider how often you’d like to receive new golf goodies. Options typically include monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly deliveries. Your choice might depend on how usually you play or how quickly you’d like to discover and incorporate new items into your golf routine.

Types of Items Included

A great golf subscription box can include a wide range of items, such as:

  • Gear: This could be anything from golf balls to high-tech gadgets that help improve your game.
  • Apparel: Clothing items might include polo shirts, gloves, hats, or even weather-appropriate gear.
  • Training Aids: Tools and devices designed to improve your technique, posture, or swing.
  • Nutritional Products: Energy bars, hydration solutions, or supplements geared towards golfers.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Golf Subscription Box

Golf subscription boxes have become famous for enthusiasts who want to enhance their game, discover new products, and indulge in their passion for golf. From gear and gadgets to apparel and accessories, these boxes can surprise you with items you never knew you needed. But how do you ensure you get the most out of your subscription? Here are some tips and suggestions for maximizing the value and enjoyment of your golf subscription box.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Enjoyment

Explore Customization Options

Services offer customization options to tailor the box to your preferences, skill level, and needs. Take advantage of these features by providing detailed information about your size, style, and golfing goals. The more the company knows about you, the better they can customize your box to fit your specific requirements.

Try Everything

Try it even if you receive something that sometimes seems like a fit. Part of the fun of subscription boxes is discovering new products. You might find that a new brand of golf balls significantly improves your game or that a particular training aid addresses a flaw you hadn’t noticed in your swing.


Golf subscription boxes offer a convenient and exciting way to enhance your golfing experience. They provide you with the latest gear and gadgets and introduce you to new brands and products that can improve your game. By actively customizing your box, trying out new products, and providing feedback, you can significantly enhance the value and enjoyment you get from your subscription.

When selecting a golf subscription box, consider your specific needs, preferences, and the level of customization offered. Whether you’re looking for the latest in golf apparel, innovative training aids, or a monthly surprise of golf-themed goodies, a subscription box is perfect. With the right approach, you can make every delivery day feel like Christmas morning, full of potential to elevate your game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I choose the correct golf subscription box for me?

A: Consider your playing level, interests, and what aspects of your game you’d like to improve or enjoy more. Factor in your budget, the frequency of deliveries you prefer, and the items you’re most excited about, such as gear, apparel, or training aids.

Q: Can I customize my golf subscription box?

A: Many golf subscription boxes offer customization options based on size, style preferences, skill level, and even specific golfing needs. Look for a subscription service that asks for this information during signup or offers a way to update it regularly.

Q: Are there golf subscription boxes for women and junior golfers?

A: Some services specifically cater to women and junior golfers, offering tailored content that suits their unique needs and preferences. Examples include the Magnolia Membership from Short Par 4 for women and JrGolfBox for younger players.

Q: What if I receive an item I don’t like or already have?

A: Most companies value feedback and customer satisfaction highly. Contact customer service if you receive an item you don’t like or already own. They may offer a replacement or compensation form in your next box.

Q: How much do golf subscription boxes typically cost?

A: Prices can range from around $30 to $100 per month, depending on the box’s contents and quality. Some companies offer different tiers of subscriptions, allowing you to choose a price point that fits your budget while still receiving items that interest you.

Q: Can I gift a golf subscription box to someone?

A: Absolutely! Golf subscription boxes make great gifts for the golfers in your life. Most companies offer gift subscriptions that can be purchased for a specific number of months.

Matt Thompson

I’m an avid golfer with 25 years of experience under my belt, currently playing at an 7ish handicap, though I’m on a dedicated journey to reach a 3—having once achieved a 5. My passion extends beyond the course, as I’ve been rigorously testing golf clubs and equipment since 2017, always on the lookout for what can improve my game and potentially benefit fellow golfers in their quest for better play.