ACCRA TZ6 Shaft Review

You’re a golfer seeking the perfect shaft, and the ACCRA TZ6 could be your game-changer. Imagine a shaft tailored to your swing, offering powerful performance with a solid feel.

Picture yourself on the course with this sleek, customizable equipment that delivers stability with every swing. Let’s dive into why the ACCRA TZ6 is making waves in the golf world.

Accra TZ 6 Tour CB 75 Graphite Driver Shaft

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 ACCRA TZ6 Shaft

Interestingly, you’ll find that the ACCRA TZ6 shaft, known for its smooth feel and premium performance, emphasizes the importance of personalized fitting rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This unique approach by ACCRA allows you to get a shaft that’s tailored to your individual swing. As no two golf swings are the same, having a shaft that’s fitted to your style can greatly enhance your performance on the course.

The ACCRA TZ6 shaft features a mid/high launch with controlled spin and additional power in the tip section. This combination makes it an excellent choice for golfers looking to achieve increased distance and control in their shots. The shaft’s design isn’t just about aesthetics; the mid/high launch and controlled spin are engineered to enhance your performance on the green.

In terms of customization, the ACCRA TZ6 stands out from the crowd. It comes in a metal flake/sparkle black with silver graphics and holographic bands, giving it a distinct and stylish look. But it’s not just about looks; ACCRA offers customization options for color combinations and laser etching, allowing you to truly make the shaft your own.

The ACCRA TZ6 offers a smooth feel and solid stability, a feature that’s highly appreciated by golfers. This is due to the use of new composite material, which helps reduce torque while maintaining the shaft’s shape. In essence, the ACCRA TZ6 shaft combines functionality, aesthetics, and personalized fitting to give you an optimal golfing experience.


Accra TZ6 Shaft Detailed Review

Let’s now shift our focus to a detailed review of the Accra TZ6 shaft.

We’re going to explore its design and technology, which are key to its performance.

From its active tip section to the high-modulus materials, you’ll see why this shaft is a favorite among golfers.

 Design and Technology

While you’re examining the design and technology of the ACCRA TZ6 shaft, it’s important to note how it accommodates a wide range of golfers and swing types due to its higher-quality materials and improved performance.

This shaft is engineered to offer distance and accuracy advantages across various golfers and swing types. Its active tip section offers effortless distance and a higher ball flight, making it a versatile tool for many players.

With the increased dynamic loft at impact, you’ll achieve a higher launch, more carry distance, and thus, better performance. ACCRA’s focus on personalized fitting means the TZ6 is adaptable to various club head shapes, sizes, and lofts, providing a more tailored golfing experience.


Diving into the specifics of the ACCRA TZ6 shaft, you’ll find it’s available in 11 different models for drivers and fairway woods. It also comes in 3 hybrid offerings, providing a broad spectrum of options for various types of golfers.

The flex system is categorized into M3, M4, and M5, signifying regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flexes respectively. As an average golfer, the 45, 55, and 65 M3 and M4 flex options may suit you, whereas stronger golfers might favor the 65, 75, and 85 M4 and M5 options.

The hybrid shaft, though available only in an 85-gram weight, offers all three flex options. In essence, the ACCRA TZ6 shaft’s wide range of models and flexes can cater to your individual golfing needs.


Pros and Cons

You’re likely wondering about the strengths and potential drawbacks of the ACCRA TZ6 shaft. Let’s discuss these in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision.

From the smooth feel to the personalized fitting, we’ll cover the positives and also touch on any concerns you may have.


In examining the ACCRA TZ6 shaft, there are several noteworthy pros and cons you’ll need to consider.

The strengths of this golf shaft are quite significant:

– Its active tip provides versatility across various club head configurations and skill levels, making it a versatile choice for all golfers.
– The high-modulus composite materials used in its construction reduce torque, increase stability, and create a smooth feel.
– It boasts the fastest recovery speeds in the ACCRA family, efficiently converting your club head speed into more distance.
– The TZ6 is known for its smooth feel, a trademark of ACCRA’s premium shafts.
– Personalized fitting is emphasized, underlining the importance of matching equipment to your unique swing.

However, remember that the best shaft for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and performance needs.


While the ACCRA TZ6 shaft has numerous advantages, it’s crucial to address the potential drawbacks as well.

One of the main issues is that testing or demoing this shaft isn’t readily available. You’ll need to book a fitting at an advanced club fitting center or purchase it outright. This can be a barrier if you prefer to try before buying.

Further, high-speed golfers may find the TZ6 too high launching as a driver shaft, depending on their delivery conditions. This could limit its usefulness for those with faster swing speeds.

 Accra TZ6 Shaft Looks

With its metal flake/sparkle black finish, silver graphics, and holographic bands, you’re bound to appreciate the sophisticated yet fun aesthetics of the ACCRA TZ6 shaft. This shaft’s design seems to speak to its character saying, ‘I’m here for business… but I still have a slight fun side to me.’ It’s a refreshing change from the usual monotonous designs we often see.

The ACCRA TZ6 doesn’t just stop at looking good. It has several features that enhance its appeal:

– A subtle shadow graphic on one side, perfect for those who prefer a label-down look.
– A unique customization program that lets you become the designer.
– An array of color combinations to choose from, for a truly personalized shaft.
– The option of minor laser etching, allowing you to add that extra personal touch.
– A combination of professional branding with a dash of fun.

If you’re someone who likes to stand out on the golf course, ACCRA has you covered. You can custom order a wide range of color combinations, from the understated to the outrageous. The minor laser etching option is a nice added touch, giving you the chance to make your ACCRA shaft truly your own.


 How Does it Feel?

After you’ve given the ACCRA TZ6 shaft a few swings, you’ll likely notice that it doesn’t just look good, but it’s got a smooth and solid feel that can’t be ignored. ACCRA has prioritized maintaining its signature smooth feel in this shaft, even while aiming to reduce torque. This is done using a new composite material that allows the shaft to maintain its shape better during the swing. This reduction in torque doesn’t make the shaft feel rigid or board, instead, it manages to retain a smooth and easy load/unload feel.

The ACCRA TZ6’s bend profile is smooth and stands out during testing. You’ll find that though the shaft is easy to load and unload, there’s a definite sense of solidity and stability derived from its torque reduction methods. The use of new materials in the tip section of the TZ6 provides some extra power at impact. It’s like an extra boost of energy you didn’t know you had, giving your swing that additional push just when you need it.

The feel of the ACCRA TZ6 is one that’s hard to ignore. Its smoothness combined with solidity and the unexpected power release at impact makes it a standout. This shaft doesn’t just look the part; it performs exceptionally, offering a unique, dynamic feel that you’ll appreciate from the first swing. This is a testament to ACCRA’s commitment to delivering smooth, high-performing shafts.


So, should you give the ACCRA TZ6 Shaft a swing? Absolutely.

Not only is it a looker with its sleek design and customization options, but it also delivers in performance.

Its unique mid/high launch and controlled spin make it a game-changer.

Plus, the added punch in the tip section gives you that extra power you crave.

If you are planning to buy new golf shafts, I suggest you try them before you buy them. You can do this at your local golf shop or through the free Global Golf Utry trial program. This option allows you to test different models before making a final decision.

Tailored to your swing, the TZ6 offers stability and a solid feel that’s hard to beat.

Go ahead, and elevate your golf game with the ACCRA TZ6 Shaft.